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Absolution of Inspiring

Added Chaos Damage Support

Added Cold Damage Support

Added Fire Damage Support

Added Lightning Damage Support

Additional Accuracy Support

Advanced Traps Support

Alchemist's Mark


Ancestral Call Support

Ancestral Cry

Ancestral Protector

Ancestral Warchief


Animate Guardian

Animate Guardian of Smiting

Animate Weapon

Animate Weapon of Ranged Arms

Animate Weapon of Self Reflection


Arcane Cloak

Arcane Surge Support

Arcanist Brand

Arcanist Brand Support

Archmage Support

Arc of Oscillating

Arc of Surging

Arctic Armour

Armageddon Brand

Armageddon Brand of Recall

Armageddon Brand of Volatility

Arrogance Support

Arrow Nova Support

Artillery Ballista

Artillery Ballista of Cross Strafe

Artillery Ballista of Focus Fire

Assassin's Mark


Awakened Added Chaos Damage Support

Awakened Added Cold Damage Support

Awakened Added Fire Damage Support

Awakened Added Lightning Damage Support

Awakened Ancestral Call Support

Awakened Arrow Nova Support

Awakened Blasphemy Support

Awakened Brutality Support

Awakened Burning Damage Support

Awakened Cast On Critical Strike Support

Awakened Cast While Channelling Support

Awakened Chain Support

Awakened Cold Penetration Support

Awakened Controlled Destruction Support

Awakened Deadly Ailments Support

Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support

Awakened Elemental Focus Support

Awakened Empower Support

Awakened Enhance Support

Awakened Enlighten Support

Awakened Fire Penetration Support

Awakened Fork Support

Awakened Generosity Support

Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Awakened Hextouch Support

Awakened Increased Area Of Effect Support

Awakened Lightning Penetration Support

Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support

Awakened Melee Splash Support

Awakened Minion Damage Support

Awakened Multistrike Support

Awakened Spell Cascade Support

Awakened Spell Echo Support

Awakened Swift Affliction Support

Awakened Unbound Ailments Support

Awakened Unleash Support

Awakened Vicious Projectiles Support

Awakened Void Manipulation Support

Ballista Totem Support

Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning of Orbiting

Ball Lightning of Static


Bane of Condemnation


Barrage of Volley Fire

Barrage Support

Battlemage's Cry

Bear Trap

Bear Trap of Skewers

Behead Support


Blade Blast

Blade Blast of Dagger Detonation

Blade Blast of Unloading


Bladefall of Impaling

Bladefall of Volleys

Blade Flurry

Blade Flurry of Incision


Bladestorm of Uncertainty

Blade Trap

Blade Trap of Greatswords

Blade Trap of Laceration

Blade Vortex

Blade Vortex of the Scythe

Blasphemy Support

Blastchain Mine Support

Blast Rain

Blazing Salvo


Blight of Atrophy

Blight of Contagion

Blind Support

Blink Arrow

Blink Arrow of Bombarding Clones

Blink Arrow of Prismatic Clones

Block Chance Reduction Support

Blood and Sand

Bloodlust Support

Blood Rage

Bloodthirst Support


Bodyswap of Sacrifice

Bonechill Support

Bone Offering


Boneshatter of Carnage

Boneshatter of Complex Trauma

Brand Recall

Brutality Support

Burning Arrow

Burning Arrow of Vigour

Burning Damage Support

Call to Arms

Cast On Critical Strike Support

Cast on Death Support

Cast on Melee Kill Support

Cast when Damage Taken Support

Cast when Stunned Support

Cast while Channelling Support

Caustic Arrow

Caustic Arrow of Poison

Chain Hook

Chain Support

Chance to Bleed Support

Chance to Flee Support

Chance to Poison Support

Charged Dash

Charged Mines Support

Charged Traps Support



Cleave of Rage

Close Combat Support

Cluster Traps Support

Cobra Lash

Cold Penetration Support

Cold Snap

Cold Snap of Power

Cold to Fire Support

Combustion Support

Concentrated Effect Support


Consecrated Path

Consecrated Path of Endurance


Contagion of Subsiding

Contagion of Transference

Controlled Blaze Support

Controlled Destruction Support

Conversion Trap


Corrupting Cry Support

Corrupting Fever

Withering Touch Support

Crackling Lance

Crackling Lance of Branching

Crackling Lance of Disintegration

Creeping Frost


Cremation of Exhuming

Cremation of the Volcano

Critical Strike Affliction Support

Cruelty Support

Culling Strike Support

Cursed Ground Support


Cyclone of Tumult

Damage on Full Life Support

Dark Pact


Deadly Ailments Support

Decay Support

Decoy Totem

Defiance Banner



Destructive Link


Detonate Dead

Detonate Dead of Chain Reaction

Detonate Dead of Scavenging

Detonate Mines

Devouring Totem

Devour Support


Discharge of Misery


Divine Blessing Support

Divine Ire

Divine Ire of Disintegration

Divine Ire of Holy Lightning

Dominating Blow

Dominating Blow of Inspiring

Double Strike

Double Strike of Impaling

Double Strike of Momentum

Dread Banner

Dual Strike

Dual Strike of Ambidexterity

Earthbreaker Support


Earthquake of Amplification


Earthshatter of Fragility

Earthshatter of Prominence

Efficacy Support

Elemental Army Support

Elemental Damage with Attacks Support

Elemental Focus Support

Elemental Hit

Elemental Hit of Spectrum

Elemental Penetration Support

Elemental Proliferation Support

Elemental Weakness

Empower Support

Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support

Enduring Cry

Energy Blade

Energy Leech Support


Enhance Support

Enlighten Support

Ensnaring Arrow

Essence Drain

Essence Drain of Desperation

Essence Drain of Wickedness

Eternal Blessing Support

Ethereal Knives

Ethereal Knives of Lingering Blades

Ethereal Knives of the Massacre

Explosive Arrow

Explosive Concoction

Explosive Concoction of Destruction

Explosive Trap

Explosive Trap of Magnitude

Explosive Trap of Shrapnel


Exsanguinate of Transmission

Eye of Winter

Eye of Winter of Finality

Eye of Winter of Transience

Faster Attacks Support

Faster Casting Support

Faster Projectiles Support

Feeding Frenzy Support


Fire Penetration Support


Firestorm of Meteors

Firestorm of Pelting

Fire Trap

Fire Trap of Blasting

Fist of War Support


Flameblast of Celerity

Flameblast of Contraction

Flame Dash

Flame Dash of Return

Flame Link

Flame Surge

Flame Surge of Combusting

Flamethrower Trap

Flame Wall

Flamewood Support


Flesh and Stone

Flesh Offering

Flicker Strike

Flicker Strike of Power

Focused Ballista Support

Forbidden Rite

Forbidden Rite of Soul Sacrifice

Fork Support

Fortify Support

Freezing Pulse


Frenzy of Onslaught

Fresh Meat Support

Frigid Bond Support


Frost Blades

Frost Blades of Katabasis


Frostblink of Wintry Blast


Frost Bomb

Frost Bomb of Forthcoming

Frost Bomb of Instability

Frost Shield

Frost Wall

Frozen Legion

Frozen Legion of Rallying

Galvanic Arrow

Galvanic Arrow of Energy

Galvanic Arrow of Surging

Galvanic Field

Galvanic Field of Intensity

General's Cry

Generosity Support

Glacial Cascade

Glacial Cascade of the Fissure

Glacial Hammer

Glacial Hammer of Shattering


Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Greater Volley Support

Ground Slam

Ground Slam of Earthshaking

Guardian's Blessing Support



Heavy Strike

Herald of Agony

Herald of Ash

Herald of Ice

Herald of Purity

Herald of Thunder


Hexblast of Contradiction

Hexblast of Havoc

Hex Bloom

Hex Bloom Support

Hextouch Support

High-Impact Mine Support

Holy Flame Totem

Holy Flame Totem of Ire


Hypothermia Support

Ice Bite Support


Ice Crash

Ice Crash of Cadence

Ice Nova

Ice Nova of Deep Freeze

Ice Nova of Frostbolts

Ice Shot

Ice Shot of Penetration

Ice Spear

Ice Spear of Splitting

Ice Trap

Ice Trap of Hollowness

Icicle Mine

Icicle Mine of Fanning

Icicle Mine of Sabotage

Ignite Proliferation Support

Immolate Support

Immortal Call

Impale Support

Impending Doom Support


Incinerate of Expanse

Incinerate of Venting

Increased Area of Effect Support

Increased Critical Damage Support

Increased Critical Strikes Support

Increased Duration Support

Infernal Blow

Infernal Blow of Immolation

Infernal Cry

Infernal Legion Support

Infused Channelling Support

Innervate Support

Inspiration Support

Intensify Support

Intimidating Cry

Intuitive Link

Iron Grip Support

Iron Will Support

Item Quantity Support

Item Rarity Support

Kinetic Blast

Kinetic Blast of Clustering

Kinetic Bolt

Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation

Knockback Support


Lacerate of Butchering

Lacerate of Haemorrhage

Lancing Steel

Lancing Steel of Spraying

Leap Slam

Leap Slam of Groundbreaking

Less Duration Support

Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support

Life Gain on Hit Support

Life Leech Support

Lifetap Support

Lightning Arrow

Lightning Arrow of Electrocution

Lightning Conduit

Lightning Conduit of the Heavens

Lightning Penetration Support

Lightning Spire Trap

Lightning Spire Trap of Overloading

Lightning Spire Trap of Zapping

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike of Arcing

Lightning Tendrils

Lightning Tendrils of Eccentricity

Lightning Tendrils of Escalation

Lightning Trap

Lightning Trap of Sparking

Lightning Warp

Locus Mine Support

Maim Support



Manaforged Arrows Support

Mana Leech Support

Mark On Hit Support

Meat Shield Support

Melee Physical Damage Support

Melee Splash Support

Minefield Support

Minion Damage Support

Minion Life Support

Minion Speed Support

Mirage Archer Support

Mirror Arrow

Mirror Arrow of Bombarding Clones

Mirror Arrow of Prismatic Clones

Molten Shell

Molten Strike

Molten Strike of the Zenith

Momentum Support

Multiple Totems Support

Multiple Traps Support

Multistrike Support

Nightblade Support

Orb of Storms

Overcharge Support

Penance Brand

Penance Brand of Conduction

Penance Brand of Dissipation


Perforate of Bloodshed

Perforate of Duality

Pestilent Strike

Petrified Blood

Phase Run

Physical to Lightning Support

Pierce Support

Pinpoint Support

Plague Bearer

Poacher's Mark

Point Blank Support

Poisonous Concoction

Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing

Portal (gem)

Power Charge On Critical Support

Power Siphon

Power Siphon of the Archmage


Predator Support


Prismatic Burst Support

Protective Link

Pulverise Support



Purifying Flame

Purifying Flame of Revelations

Purity of Elements

Purity of Fire

Purity of Ice

Purity of Lightning

Pyroclast Mine

Pyroclast Mine of Sabotage

Rage Support

Rage Vortex

Rage Vortex of Berserking

Rain of Arrows

Rain of Arrows of Artillery

Rain of Arrows of Saturation

Raise Spectre

Raise Spectre of Transience

Raise Zombie

Raise Zombie of Falling

Raise Zombie of Slamming

Rallying Cry



Reave of Refraction


Rejuvenation Totem

Returning Projectiles Support

Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire of Arcane Devotion


Rolling Magma

Ruthless Support

Sacred Wisps Support

Sacrifice Support

Sadism Support

Scorching Ray

Scorching Ray of Immolation

Scourge Arrow

Scourge Arrow of Menace

Searing Bond

Second Wind Support

Seismic Cry

Seismic Trap

Seismic Trap of Swells

Shattering Steel

Shattering Steel of Ammunition


Shield Charge

Shield Crush

Shield Crush of the Chieftain

Shock Nova

Shockwave Support

Shockwave Totem

Shrapnel Ballista

Shrapnel Ballista of Steel

Siege Ballista

Siege Ballista of Splintering

Sigil of Power

Siphoning Trap

Slower Projectiles Support


Smite of Divine Judgement

Smoke Mine


Sniper's Mark

Soul Link


Soulrend of Reaping

Soulrend of the Spiral


Spark of the Nova

Spark of Unpredictability

Spectral Helix

Spectral Shield Throw

Spectral Shield Throw of Shattering

Spectral Throw

Spectral Throw of Materialising

Spellblade Support

Spell Cascade Support

Spell Echo Support


Spell Totem Support

Spirit Offering

Split Arrow

Split Arrow of Splitting

Splitting Steel

Splitting Steel of Ammunition

Static Strike



Stormbind of Teleportation

Stormblast Mine

Storm Brand

Storm Brand of Indecision

Storm Burst

Storm Call

Storm Rain

Storm Rain of the Conduit

Storm Rain of the Fence

Stun Support

Summon Carrion Golem

Summon Carrion Golem of Hordes

Summon Carrion Golem of Scavenging

Summon Chaos Golem

Summon Chaos Golem of Hordes

Summon Chaos Golem of the Maelström

Summon Flame Golem

Summon Flame Golem of Hordes

Summon Flame Golem of the Meteor

Summon Holy Relic

Summon Holy Relic of Conviction

Summon Ice Golem

Summon Ice Golem of Hordes

Summon Ice Golem of Shattering

Summon Lightning Golem

Summon Lightning Golem of Hordes

Summon Phantasm Support

Summon Raging Spirit

Summon Raging Spirit of Enormity

Summon Reaper

Summon Reaper of Eviscerating

Summon Reaper of Revenants

Summon Skeletons

Summon Skeletons of Archers

Summon Skeletons of Mages

Summon Skitterbots

Summon Stone Golem

Summon Stone Golem of Hordes

Summon Stone Golem of Safeguarding


Sunder of Earthbreaking


Swift Affliction Support

Swift Assembly Support

Swiftbrand Support

Tectonic Slam

Tectonic Slam of Cataclysm

Tempest Shield

Temporal Chains

Temporal Rift


Tornado of Elemental Turbulence

Tornado Shot

Tornado Shot of Cloudburst

Toxic Rain

Toxic Rain of Sporeburst

Toxic Rain of Withering

Trap and Mine Damage Support

Trap Support

Trauma Support

Trinity Support

Unbound Ailments Support


Unleash Support

Urgent Orders Support

Vaal Ancestral Warchief

Vaal Arc

Vaal Blade Vortex

Vaal Blight

Vaal Breach

Vaal Burning Arrow

Vaal Clarity

Vaal Cold Snap

Vaal Cyclone

Vaal Detonate Dead

Vaal Discipline

Vaal Double Strike

Vaal Earthquake

Vaal Fireball

Vaal Flameblast

Vaal Glacial Hammer

Vaal Grace

Vaal Ground Slam

Vaal Haste

Vaal Ice Nova

Vaal Impurity of Fire

Vaal Impurity of Ice

Vaal Impurity of Lightning

Vaal Lightning Strike

Vaal Lightning Trap

Vaal Molten Shell

Vaal Power Siphon

Vaal Rain of Arrows

Vaal Reave

Vaal Righteous Fire

Vaal Spark

Vaal Spectral Throw

Vaal Storm Call

Vaal Summon Skeletons

Vampiric Link


Venom Gyre

Vicious Projectiles Support

Vigilant Strike

Vile Toxins Support

Viper Strike

Viper Strike of the Mamba


Void Manipulation Support

Void Sphere

Void Sphere of Rending

Volatile Dead

Volatile Dead of Confinement

Volatile Dead of Seething

Volatility Support

Volcanic Fissure

Volcanic Fissure of Snaking

Volley Support

Voltaxic Burst


Vortex of Projection


War Banner

Warlord's Mark

Wave of Conviction

Whirling Blades

Wild Strike

Wild Strike of Extremes

Winter Orb

Wintertide Brand


Withering Step